Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Diamond Cafe

The Diamond Cafe is located in the basement of the Diamond District center on Airport Road, but is at the same level as the swimming pool Non-residents will need to purchase a parking ticket in order to enter the building. The main entrance is from the top of the pagoda like structure adjacent to the tennis courts in the middle of the building complex. Follow the arching wooden stairway a floor down to get to the cafe. The cafe is spacious, and offers a view of the well manicured garden, fountain and poolside across its broad glass windows. The laminated double-sided menu offers a mix of continental, chinese and indian food options. Service in generally was abysmally slow - the order took time, delivery took forever, and the waiter didnt show up with the bill. However, the place was quiet, and with a book in my hands and something to chew on, it set the pace for a relaxing evening.

Cost: Rs 35-90 for a meal
Cleanliness: Average
Quality: Average
Service: Poor - everything took ages.
Ambience: Good
Bottomline: If you've got time to kill, and want to chill in a quiet spot, you may like the Diamond District Cafe.

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