Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The tip of the iceberg....

Why a blog on food and drink in Bangalore, India?

In my first post in this blog, let me try to answer that question!

I moved to Bangalore to set up the service operations of SupportSoft, a U.S. based enterprise products company that I used to work for in California, and I now head up their Global Services business unit. Six months into my move, I still found it hard to get reliable and useful information about spots for food and drink in the city. Across time, I found people turning to me for information about places to go to, and decided to throw it all together in a growing and living blog.

What I plan to cover
- Restaurants
- Bars
- Coffee shops
- Delivery services (dabbawalas included!)
- Food festivals
- Books by local authors on cuisine
- Wine trails

I hope to be able to supplement my notes with information about the ambience, service, quality, and of course the economics (every paisa counts, doesnt it?).

And so... we are off the block!


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