Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kerala Spice

Kerala spice is located in a gully off Airport road between the Diamond District building and the Citibank ATM. You enter off the sidestreet and walk up a flight of stairs to enter the restaurant. The mosaic floors, simple tables and chairs, tubed lighting and unadorned walls hint immediately at the utilitarian nature of the joint. Service is prompt, with cheerful and helpful staff. The waiters speak limited english or hindi, but understand kannada and malayalam. The menu in english offers a standard thali and a kerala one, the latter having kerala style chor (boiled rice). Note that not all items on the menu are available - for instance, beef and fish items depend on the chef's special of the day. For vegetarians, there are several options available. We sampled the fluffy appams and their delicious coconut milk based vegetable stew, and we couldnt resist asking for more and more appams. (We found we had eaten 10 each when the bill came in) The dining area, kitchen and the wash room areas were neat and tidy.

Cost: Rs. 30-60 per meal
Cleanliness: Good
Quality: Average
Service: Good
Ambience: Poor
Bottomline: Looking for sampling traditional kerala cuisine in spartan no frills surroundings at a great price?

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