Sunday, April 09, 2006

Suswad's Idli Bazaar on CMH Road

Nestled between the HDFC bank ATM and the MK grocer store on CMH Road, the Suswad's Idli Bazaar is a fast food joint in the lines of the ubiquitous Sagars all over Bangalore. However, unlike any of Kannadiga run chains, the family run Idli Bazaar offers simple fast eats from Tamil Nadu. In additiona to a range of stuffed idlis, the usual dosas, uthappams, upmas, vadas, and thali meals, they also serve adai avial, puliyodharai, coconut rice and lemon rice. If you like your sambar without jaggery in it, you will not be disappointed. To top off your meal, try their south indian filter coffee or badam milk.

It's easy to miss the joint as you walk down bustling CMH road, avoiding passerbys, beggars and hawkers. Stop at the florist next to MK's and walk down the short gully to the self service standing area shaded by Mangalore tiles. If you'd like to sit down and eat, there's limited seating outside right by the self-service area, or you can head inside where the living spaces of the house have been converted into a mess like dining area. The ambience is simple, with slightly jaded Tanjore paintings and wood cut dolls on display. Despite being right off the main road, the place is relatively dust free and quiet.

Cost: Rs 50-100
Cleanliness: Average
Quality: Good
Service: Average
Ambience: Average
Bottomline: Shopping on CMH? Take a break for some quick, economical, quality vegetarian tamil nadu tiffin items.

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