Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dinner in Seoul, Korea

I loved this little restaurant in Seoul, Korea so much that I'm deviating from the theme of my food in Bangalore blog to write about it. Sadly, I didnt note the pronunciation of the name of the place, although I've taken a picture of their menu :-)

While the ambience was fairly typical of most East Asian restaurants with mood lighting, wooden flooring, low tables and seating on rugs on the floor, the meal was quite a new experience. In addition to the usual kimchi, bibimbap and soups (which incidentally is eaten straight from the table in Korea, unlike China and Japan where you pick up the bowl), we ordered a special main course where meat is cooked in the center over a grill and shared at the table. While this is common at the many 'Korean BBQ' restaurants outside of Korea, what was special was how the meat is cut into small pieces and wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves, rice, a bud of garlic, a piece of chopped chili and a few other seasonings (see picture).

The leaf is then wrapped and eaten. The tender pork and the fresh spices in the juicy lettuce was absoutely delicious and was the highlight of the meal.

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