Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ratatouille - an epicure's delight

Ah! The joys of combining different foods and flavors!

There's this lovely scene in Pixar's animated movie, Ratatouille, where the main protagonist, Remy first takes a bite of a piece of cheese, which immediately creates an upbeat swirl of flavors. He then separately takes a bite of the strawberry and feels a more delicate flavor. And then when he combines the two together, they create a brilliant epiphany that sparks fireworks that dance and sparkle in his mind.
In this one lucid scene, Pixar has captured the joy of combining flavors, the quintessential feeling of delight that floods my mind when I sample food. Thank you Pixar!

Incidentally, the recipe for the dish Remy conjures up for the dour, humorless food critic (sigh - I now now what the chefs think of me!) Anton Ego in the climax is called Confit byaldi.

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