Monday, September 07, 2009


*Updated* Unfortunately, the pictures mailed in from my iPhone didnt render, and I had to do some clean up. This is now fixed, and lets hope future mobile blogging will be smoother.

This post is a departure from the style of the rest of this blog and may be a sign of more to come - mobile blogging! What does that mean for you? Fresh impressions of Bangalore hot spots!

We had a lovely lunch at Toscano, the Italian restaurant in UB City. We started off with a lovely goat cheese aperitif, seated in the open patio. Unfortunately, the Bangalore weather played spoilsport and we had to head indoors soon after.

The goat cheese salad (picture above) was fabulous - nice blend of goat cheese, walnuts, greens and a tangerine sauce.

I chose their roast chicken breast main course (picture above) and it was very good. To finish it off, crepes suzette. (picture below).

Toscano is run by an elderly Italian gentleman who was monitoring his service staff like a hawk. The menu selection is not limited to food from Tuscany (Toscano). However, personal favorites like veal were notably missing.

Cost: Rs 300-600 (minus wine)
Cleanliness: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Service: Average
Ambience: Good
Bottomline: Great place for fine Italian fare with friends or colleagues

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